Highest quality materials and manufacturing

The quality of our exhaust systems begins with the development. For each vehicle type will developed its own design. For the production of exhaust systems we exclusively use only the most suitable materials and parts.

Thus, only the most suitable alloy for example, pipes and plates used. Statt were V2A V4A, Nickel-based alloys and Inconel 625 used. The same procedure with Absorbtions materials and other parts.

For the heat shield, for example, high-quality ceramic insulation from the aviation industry go (discharge) to the application.

To ensure long-term quality of our exhaust systems, continuous development is an essential part.

Manager and employee jointly safeguard through effective manufacturing- the high standards and quality controls, so that the expectations and demands of customers are satisfied with our exhaust systems.

Of course, experiences here Tiles, Requests and suggestions of our customers with a. The quality of our products since 2001 provided and documented secure a quality management. Here are all areas of development, about shopping, Production, Controlling detected to shipping.